About Womaletics Promotions

I want to develop ‘Womaletics’ to look alternative ways in which female social entrepreneurs can connect and collaborate and how these mechanisms can be enhanced can support the development of more social enterprises.

The idea came when a number of women expressed a desire to connect and collaborate more with other local social entrepreneurs face to face.

Of course they currently do so but predominantly with others outside their local area or in their own field or using social media and basic communication software.

All of the above valid and today’s social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., provide easy, almost costless ways of finding social entrepreneurs with similar interests and building collaborative relationships. That said they do not even begin to meet the needs of the local social entrepreneurs wanting to collaboration on ideas and projects face-to-face.

Womaletics is mixing together the power of a creative working space with inspiring content. But, most important of all, have a very special ingredient that makes it all so delicious: vibrant female social entrepreneurs.

I will facilitate experiential sharing events delivered by local female social entrepreneurs who hold unique resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow the positive impact in other social venture. This will be done by hosting events where the social entrepreneurs takes the hot seat and offers an insight into their experiences and the multitude of tools available.

My aim is:

To promote events we can all join in for competitive prices.

To offer a range of events for all ages

To offer a place where visitor can post their events or take part in events shown


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