Your Garden Rummage Sale

Fed up of loading the car up for a car boot sale, then let the buyers come to you – in your own back garden.  It cost £7.00 to set up and includes advertising pack, with balloons and poster showing your address with guide map to bring people to your sale.

There are a few slight differences;

  1. It’s not the selling of garden furniture
  2. But other household items like picture frames, artwork, lampshades, housewares and more!
  3. Bulk items brought can be delivered, for £3.00 in and around the local area.

Cartoon pic of sale 3    Cartoon pic of sale 4    Cartoon pic of sale 1

The idea is to have a car boot sale in your garden front or back, even on your drive way rather than carting all your car bootie away and bringing it all home again.  You will need to make sure your garden /drive is assessable as people will enter your garden at their risk so make sure people cannot trip or get injured by anything around your home.  In the application it asks if your sale is disabled assessable.  This means can a wheelchair get access to your garden as this will be shown in guide leaflet and map.

So here how it works

Fill in the form with your details or book via the website.  Once you have filled in your form and made payment your address will be added to the list of seller. This list will be advertised on leaflets, Facebook and on Womaletics events website too.  You will receive a seller pack containing a poster and also a few sale balloons to advertise you being a seller on the day.  On the morning make sure people know your sale is happening by having your gate open and balloons and poster up directing them to your sale.


If you want to take part please fill in the form at bottom of page stating dates you want rummage sale and return it with your £7 cash only payment, or request online form and pay your£7 online via PayPal or most cards.

If you have any questions please contact:

Angela via email on or text or call me on 07469 547 214 or see message on Womaletics Facebook page.


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